Makeup – A must-have list for a lady dancer

Each competition is something exceptional. It does not matter if it is a small, intimate event or global occasion with first class participants. We always want to feel special and unique and first of all beautiful. Undoubtedly, proper choice of beauty products can help with that and it will make everybody at the dance floor look only at you.

Probably it happened many times that you were wondering what to pack into your vanity case and then, at the competition, it turned out that you had forgotten the most important item. Based on our own experience we would like to recommend a truly reliable set of cosmetics which would work in practice, in every place and all conditions.

It is absolutely necessary to have:

1. Foundation

2. Powder

3. Concealer

4. Blusher

5. Eyeshadows

6. Lipstick and liner

7. Eyebrow liner

8. Eye pencils

9. Eyeliner

10. Mascara

11. Accessories for cosmetics’ application


The absolute basis here is a well-matched FOUNDATION which will give you perfect and flawless coverage for your face, lasting all day long. While making your choice remember to choose the one which has long-lasting effect. From practical reasons both compact and stick work well.

Our number one is DermaBlend Professional Cover Crème which ensures ideal coverage for nearly 12 hours and thanks to a wide range of shades each of us will find something suitable. What is more it is odorless and it does not block pores.



Other products worth recommending:

sleek- creme to powder


Sleek - Creme To Powder – Delicatecream consistency ensures full coverage and at the same time a feeling of lightness.





Mac - Full Coverage Foundation, Mac - Pro Longwear Foundation – Perfectly hides all imperfections, moisturizes and gives natural look.



clinique foundation



Clinique - Even Better Compact – Oil free, delicately
illuminating, very good compact, comes in an elegant case with a mirror.


The prices of these products are different and suitable for different skin types so we are sure that everybody can find something customized for themselves.

In order to set and finish our make-up and to give it final touch a good POWDER is necessary. It will give our skin matt finish or if we prefer it will illumine our face, hiding the differences between concealer and foundation.

MAC Studio Fix



DANCELOOK recommends Mac - Studio Fix which combines the easiness of application with perfect coverage. In spite of passing time your skin is ideally smooth and dry.


derma blend setting powder


DermaBlend - Setting Powder –in a powder form, of high durability, transparent without any odor. It is especially recommended for dancers with sensitive skin.




Bobbi Brown: Sheer Finish Loose Powder – perfectly finishes your make-up, prevents shining and even hides fine wrinkles, as the previous one it is colorless.





Egyra Egyptishe Erde – original Egyptian soil makes this offer interesting and unusual. Apart from great aesthetic effect our skin gets a shot of nutrients hidden in this powder. Vitamins A and E, jojoba oil or Karite butter will additionally pamper our skin.



Each of you has at least once been annoyed with unbearable spots which would appear on your face despite all the efforts. The effect was that all the face was covered with cosmetics but the things that we wanted to conceal were still visible.

Fortunately, now we have a whole range of CONCEALERS which are 007 secret agents for special tasks. However, you have to choose carefully so that they play their roles and do not spoil the whole makeup.

In this regard DANCELOOK recommends




Dermablend - Quick Fix -  as the name suggests fast and painless





Clinique - Line Smoothing Concealer – it conceals literally everything !





Sleek - Corrector And Concealer – it covers every red spot




Next important and obligatory aspect of our makeup is a BLUSHER. When smartly used it will model the oval of our face or highlight the cheekbones. Intense and strong colors ideally match dancing competitions.

It is worth experimenting and buying something really exceptional. If you accept this option it is a good idea to select something from a vast offer of Inglot company and we are sure you won’t be disappointed.


If we want our eyes to be striking, sexy and attracting attention of every judge, they must be properly prepared. EYE SHADOWS in the shades of black, brown and white are here an absolute must-have.P1100553


It is difficult to choose the ones which are the best but it is a good idea to browse through the products of Urban Decay - Naked, Inglot or Mac.


In order to boost the effect and make our look more seductive, an EYELINER should be used. It will highlight and sharpen your glance. It is necessary to choose a waterproof one so that after winning a competition your tears of joy will not wash it away.

 P1100577DANCELOOK uses  Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner.

 Do not forget about MASCARA  P1100571
And FALSE LASHES.  P1100668


From our experience we know that EYEBROWS are often ignored or done in a hurry. Let’s not forget that eyebrows which are properly modelled and match the oval of our face can change a lot!inglot eyebrow pencil 503

We personally use EYEBROW PENCiL Inglot 503 which works well for both fair and dark hair. We recommend it!


The last elements for the eyes are EYE PENCILS one black and one white.P1100565    maybelline-master-smoky-shadow-pencil-smoky-black


Lips are the last remaining part to be beautified. We use a LIPSTICK and a LIP LINER in classical and charming shades of red and pink.

Again Inglot products help here with very good value for money and a vast range of shades.

P1100578 P1100659





With this set of beauty products and foundation, powder and eye shadow BRUSHES as well as Beauty Blender i.e. a special SPONGE for makeup, we can go to any competition and always look beautiful and feminine and what’s the most important natural.






The sets of cosmetics recommended by DANCELOOK:

Optimal set

1. Foundation  (Dermablend Professional Cover Creme) about 50

2. Powder (Mac - Studio FIx) about 18

3. Concealer (Dermablend Quick Fix) about 40

4. Blusher (Inglot  - Zestaw) about 8

5. Eye shadows (Urban Decay Naked) about 50

6. Lipstick and lipliner: (Inglot) about 15

7. Eyebrow pencil (Inglot) about 8

8. Eye pencil (Inglot) about 8

9. Eyeliner (Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner) about 25

10. Mascara (Inglot) about 8

TOTAL about 230


Economical set

1. Foundation  (Sleek - Creme To Powder) about 8

2. Powder (Mac - Studio FIx) about 18

3. Concealer  (Sleek - Corrector And Concealor) about 10

4. Blusher  (Inglot  - Zestaw) about 8

5. Eye shadows (Inglot) about 8

6. Lipstick and lipliner (Inglot) about 15

7. Eyebrow pencil (Inglot) about 8

8. Eye pecnil (Inglot) about 8

9. Eyeliner (Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner) about 25

10. Mascara  (Inglot) about 8

TOTAL about 116



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