You have few seconds to impress the judges


Have you ever thought about how much time a judge has to watch you during one dance in a competition?

The answer is 5-10 seconds, especially in the first rounds where there are a lot of couples on the dance floor. In these first few seconds the judge forms an opinion about you and your dance, which is very difficult to change in later stages of the competition. This is why the first impression is paramount.  Why not take that opportunity and invest a small amount of time and energy on your image?  You can’t control the judge’s mind but you can control your look. We believe that the artistry of ballroom dance is so complex that it demands excellence in every department - appearance, personality and body movement. It is wise to spend a proportional amount of time, money and energy on all these areas which a dancer with aspirations should develop in order to perform at the highest level.

Sedziowiephoto by Iza Marszelewska FotoMrufka

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