Why Dancelook.tv ?



  • How many times have you wished to have somebody to teach you how to do your hair and makeup for the upcoming dance championships? 

  • How much stress did you encounter just before the start of the competition while struggling to do your hair?

  • Don't you think that if you looked and felt better, you would perform better as well?


Well, now all those questions, problems and stress can go away because Dancelook.tv will be always here to help you out :)

Watching our tutorials and you can learn all the insights for creating your best look for dancing while saving a lot of time and energy which you will need for the performance. 


Not a Ballroom Dancer? No worries! 

Dancelook hairstyles and makeups tutorials are also perfect for other styles of dance, stage performances and theatre.

So don't sit back! Try it Now!


Photo from DancesportInfo.NetJust imagine entering the floor looking gorgeous and drawing the attention of the judges and the audience... do you think you will dance better?  We think you will.

That's why we cordially invite you to sign up and watch our premium, easy-step instructional videos for Hair and Makeup and to read our blog where we have interesting articles .


Think how much you can gain from these lessons of visage.... and you don't have to travel anywhere in order to get it - you can simply relax in your home, spend less then an hour and learn everything you need to know to turn your dance look in a complete success.


You can watch the lesson over and over again and by practicing you will get better and better. THERE IS NO BETTER WAY BUT TO LEARN IT YOURSELF! You'll be able to style your hair and makeup brilliantly for any dance competition without stress and time-loss.

You will also be able to make it for somebody else, if you like. The techniques are easy to learn and apply. 

"Dance is a performing art, that's why it has to look good."

You can use the techniques from our tutorials for inventing other ideas which will look even more original on you.

A lesson on hair & makeup is a MUST for every dancer who takes ballroom dancing seriously and wants to become the best at it.

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