The difference between the Evening Look and Competition Look

When you started dancing and attended your first dance events and competitions, you probably asked yourself why you need to have a hairstyle with lots of hairspray, gel and stones on it and strong, exaggerated makeup. Well, the idea is to look beautiful on the dance floor. Now, of course, people have different tastes. Some people can do better hairstyles then others, some are indifferent about their look, and some are obsessed with it, but we are not here to discuss this subject.
Let's say you decided to have the most beautiful look on the dance floor for your next championships. Next, you ask yourself: can I have a normal evening look or a special competition look to be the best dancer of the night?

There are 3 major differences between an evening Look and a competition look:

1. The lasting factor - a competition look has to last all day long and be resistant to faster movements, sweat and even shocks. That's why you have to use more hairspray, tie the hair tighter, use more resistant cosmetics etc. compared with an evening look.

2. The lighting factor - Remember: in the competition you are the star! Usually the lighting is not so great at competitions because the venues are big and it's too costly to light them very well. Also, the light is not concentrated only on one dancer but on the whole floor in general. Comparing it to, for example, television, they have the best possible lightings and they spend 30 minutes just to set the correct effect on a person so it looks great on TV screens. Unfortunately we don't have that at many dancesport competitions. That's why the makeup has to be more prominent to look good on the dance floor.

3. The distance factor - sometimes dancers compete in very big venues where thousands of people are watching the competition. The person sitting in the last row can't even recognize your facial features if you are on the dance floor. Many times even the people from the first row or judges are placed too far from dancers because of the size of the floor. Because you want to look great in every situation while you are dancing even from far away, the competition hair and makeup has to be more accentuated than normal evening hair and makeup. However, be careful to not exaggerate the look. You have to find the correct balance to still look natural.

Keeping in mind these 3 factors which influence the way you look on the dance floor will definitely change the way you style yourself for competitions and will encourage you to learn the correct skills to be able to do your hair and makeup well.

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