Dorota Makar’s style for 2015 Parinama Open in Shanghai

Have a look at Dorota Makar’s hairstyle and makeup which she had at the Parinama Open in Shanghai – the most prestigious dance competition in Asia. Dorota together with her partner Sergiu were the winners in Amateur Ballroom in this event. As well, they are the current Champions of UK Open, Blackpool, International, Europe and […]

Photo session by Dancelines – Power of Perfection

This is the photo session backstage of our official partner Dancelines – one of the best dance shoes in the World – which was entitled “The Power of Perfection”. Enjoy: It’s only fair to share…

The difference between the Evening Look and Competition Look

When you started dancing and attended your first dance events and competitions, you probably asked yourself why you need to have a hairstyle with lots of hairspray, gel and stones on it and strong, exaggerated makeup. Well, the idea is to look beautiful on the dance floor. Now, of course, people have different tastes. Some […]

The Competition Day

The key to a good and successful competition is a well-planned day. First of all, you have to know you and your partner’s habits, your needs, routines, etc. Then allow yourself enough time in the morning for a healthy breakfast because food will be your fuel for the day. For your hair and makeup you […]

Interview with Maurizio Vescovo & Andra Vaidilaite

Another captivating interview with one of the best Latin-American Dance couples in the World: Maurizio Vescovo & Andra Vaidilaite representing  Canada. They are not only wonderful dancers with numerous titles but also wonderful people! They always inspire us with their Energy on the dance floor, Technique and Interesting Routines. To see them live in competitions like […]

Why ?

    How many times have you wished to have somebody to teach you how to do your hair and makeup for the upcoming dance championships?  How much stress did you encounter just before the start of the competition while struggling to do your hair? Don’t you think that if you looked and felt better, […]

Interview with Espen Salberg

ESPEN SALBERG is a former World Champion in Latin-American Dances, a great dance teacher and a successful fashion designer. Today we would like to share an interview with him. He talks about his story, dance, fashion and look. Great interview and a lot of inspiration! source youtube It’s only fair to share…

I Dance Stars Congress “Polish Edition” in Krakow 14-16. 08.2014

              First Edition of Dancing Congress DANCE STARS took place this year in Kraków, Poland. It was the first event of it’s series. During the convention we discussed and developed three subjects. Innovative form of transferring the knowledge by the lecturers gave some excellent effects. Thanks to such approach […]

You have few seconds to impress the judges

  Have you ever thought about how much time a judge has to watch you during one dance in a competition? The answer is 5-10 seconds, especially in the first rounds where there are a lot of couples on the dance floor. In these first few seconds the judge forms an opinion about you and […]