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Dorota Makar’s style for 2015 Parinama Open in Shanghai

Have a look at Dorota Makar's hairstyle and makeup which she had at the Parinama Open in Shanghai - the most prestigious dance competition in Asia. Dorota together with her partner Sergiu were the winners in Amateur Ballroom in this event. As well, they are the current Champions of UK Open, Blackpool, International, Europe and Poland.

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IMG_1849 IMG_1850 IMG_1848IMG_1847 IMG_1859

The organization of this competition was great, says Dorota and Sergiu: the venue - Mercedes Benz Arena, which hosts the biggest concerts and sporting events in Shanghai;  5 star hotel for competitiors - Intercontinental Shanghai Expo; World-class adjudicators - many World Champions like Marcus Hilton, Bryan Watson, Richard Gleave, Jukka Happalainen, Simona Fancello, Christopher Hawkins, Slavik Kryklivyi, Andrew Sinkinson, Robin Short etc.; music - live orchsetra. Cannot ask for more.... congratulations go to the organizers - Diana Kuan and her team. Very well done!

Regards from Asia. :)

Shanghai Open Parinama 2015


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The Competition Day

The key to a good and successful competition is a well-planned day. First of all, you have to know you and your partner’s habits, your needs, routines, etc.
Then allow yourself enough time in the morning for a healthy breakfast because food will be your fuel for the day.
For your hair and makeup you need at least 1-2 hours prior to the start of the competition and remember that you also need time for warming up, getting dressed and checking your heats.

Arunas-Bizokas-and-Katusha-Demidova-dancing-at-Blackpoool-2012-2Another thing to consider is, if you prepare yourself in a hotel room that you’re sharing with your partner, then your preparation time for your dance look might increase significantly. Just keep that detail in mind. Actually the difference between 1st place and last place is in the details. The top couples in the world know that their look is a big part of their performance and can dramatically affect their outcome. That's why they always spent a sufficient amount of time doing their hair, makeup and dress perfectly. Let's face it: if you want to win the competition, you have to look like a star!

If you avoid stress in the first part of the day because of good organization and skills, then the whole competition will be more pleasurable and successful. There is a very good book for ballroom dancers called "Dance to your Maximum”, written by Maximiliaan Winkelhuis, where you can find important information about the competition day and many other subjects.

Scene1We hope you find this article interesting and it will help you make a good plan for your next competition. If you need information about how to do your hair and makeup, don't hesitate, just subscribe and learn from the Dancelook tutorials which were specifically designed for you to learn fast and easy. You will certainly need these skills to become a well-rounded dancer.

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