How it works


Dear dancer,

- To be able to watch our premium, step-by-step video tutorials you first have to log in or register
- Then, choose a video tutorial
- Choose your prefered payment - you will be transfered to the summary of your order.
- Your payment is totally secure with us because we work with PAYPAL so, you can use your Paypal acount or pay by credit or debit card.
- After payment, the selected styling is instantly unlocked, and you can watch the entire video lesson with hairstyle and makeup.
-Once logged in, the purchased lesson will be marked with a green eye oczko zielone; oczko przekreslione means that the tutorial was not purchased.

We keep our prices as low as possible for the video tutorials because we believe that EVERY DANCER DESERVES TO LOOK GORGEOUS. And if you consider how much a dance lesson or a hairdresser visit costs then you won't think twice to purchase one of our premium video lessons or even all of them for a promotional price.

We offer flexible choices of subscription which will meet your needs perfectly.
  1. You can choose 1 VIDEO FOR 1 MONTH FOR 15€ : you will get access to 1 video lesson on your hairstyle + 1 video lesson on your makeup + the list with all products with pictures used for the video tutorial of your choice. 1 month is enough time to get to know the techniques by watching the video few times and then trying it before you go to the competition.
  2. You can choose 1 VIDEO FOR 1 YEAR FOR 25€ - in case you would like to review the instructions at some time before another important championship. Or you can just watch it over and over again for 1 year until you become perfect at it.
  3. The best value is when you buy ALL VIDEOS FOR 1 YEAR FOR 49 (which gives you 4€/month- you pay once and you can enjoy all the materials on our website for an entire year which will give you plenty of knowledge. You'll be able to style yourself differently for every competition, which will definitely give you fresh look on every occasion.

We are looking forward to seeing you on the Premium Section of our website where you can enjoy the tutorials and make a positive shift in your dance style. There is no better way but to learn it yourself!



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